Join the Party!

Sexy men who prefer No tight condoms?

Buy her the Fc2 female condomthong kit for

the next best thing to barebody sex.

She can wear the soft condom,

you both provide the happy  smile

of an enjoyable safer sex option!

For ordering more FC2 condoms, please go to Undercover Condoms.


For ordering more Trustex Lube Foils, please go to Undercover Condoms.


For ordering vibrating rings to attach to Bangathong for more stimulation and pleasure, not included in kit , please go to Undercover Condoms.

Girls! How do you tell your guy that you are ready and waiting???

When You are wearing the Bangathong with the FC2 condom deployed, and are wearing it discreetly under your clothes or matched lingerie set, ready for enjoyable safer sex, only you know.   So how do you tell your guy that you are ready and waiting???



When you want to signal your partner that you are wearing this new pleasure and prevention product, covering your Girlygoods and Ladydoor, you can come up with your own fun codes.


  • I am wearing my “surfboard”, want to go surfing? kawabunga
  • I am wearing my flower garden, want to root in my garden? Push the daisys
  • I am wearing my goal post, want to score?  GOOOOOOAL
  • I am wearing my magic flying carpet, want to go for a ride?
  • I am wearing the cat’s pajamas, want to get frisky?  Meoooow
  • I am wearing my saddle, want to co-hop?  Ye hahhhh
  • I am wearing my sports car, want to drive? jaguar
  • I am wearing my motorcycle,  want to ride?  Triumph

 Make up your own, and post it online!


In the Far East the FC2 condom is called the blooming lotus flower,

With the two condoms and lube foils in the pocket for future use, this may make your “Mound of VENUS” seam full and inviting to your partner, as this is a sexual availability signal.  If you prefer a smaller profile, just wear a tighter thong over the Bangathong.

If your partner is annoying and doesn’t want to try, just say that this helps to prevent the pain of Urinary Tract Infections, UTIs, and Yeast infections, because there is a barrier over your urethra so the germs may not get pushed up so easily, and no more sex for him if you have a painful UTI.!!!!!


As someone once said, LOVE is a biochemical assault event on the brain, making you want sex, there might not be any humans if this were not so. Now you can have more fun and enjoy your biology without the downside of catching something horrible and possibly deadly,  use a condom every time!