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Sexy men who prefer No tight condoms?

Buy her the Fc2 female condomthong kit for

the next best thing to barebody sex.

She can wear the soft condom,

you both provide the happy  smile

of an enjoyable safer sex option!

Licensing Agreement Inquiries

We are looking towards the option of licensing to a company that can manufacture, distribute, and sell in large quantities and worldwide.


If your company is interested, please provide us with contact information using the form below.


If you wish to place large orders, please also use the contact form below.


Those who would like to share their comments about how well they liked their BANGaTHONG experience, please use the comment box below.

About Us

As independent product developers, our goal is to help protect as many people as possible in an enjoyable way,  from the scourges of HIV/AIDS and STDS.


The more kits sold, the more people will be familiar with the pleasures of FC2 female condom.


As a small start-up, we are currently capable of making a few thousand Bangathong kits a year,  whereas the need for any safer sex option is in the millions just in the USA .

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